Rupp Performance Management to Focus on Equipment Industry Hiring Needs

(Wichita, KS – Dec. 15, 2020) As Harvey Firestone once said, “The secret of my success is a two-word answer: Know people.” This sentiment is the foundation of a new talent recruitment company headquartered near Wichita, KS. Rupp Performance Management, founded by father and son duo Rick and Collin Rupp, will retain the equipment group as it is spun off from Ag1Source.

“I am proud and excited to begin this new recruitment business with my son,” said Rick Rupp. “I have had the opportunity to help build and partner with a leader in ag recruiting for more than 18 years and using that experience to build a new firm with Collin is a dream come true. We’re ready to help connect high quality professionals with companies in the equipment industry needing top talent.”

According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ October U.S. Ag Tractor and Combine Report, retail sales of tractors and combines have consistently hit the highest levels in four years since April. If that trend continues into 2021, the ag equipment sector will likely require additional personnel to meet growing demand. That growth potential spurs the younger Rupp forward, particularly as the next generation of agriculture leaders are looking at the equipment sector for new opportunities.

“Younger professionals like myself have so much to offer, especially as they are looking to advance their careers,” said Collin Rupp. “I have built my reputation in talent recruiting on the fact that every position requires something different. We work closely with client companies to position them as an employer of choice. That means we have to spend time getting to know both the hiring managers and the culture of the company. Through this relationship, we can connect them to the talent that will match or exceed their expectations. When that match is made, it’s a win-win for both the company and the new employee and tends to result in long-term employment and growth.”

With a combined 25 years of experience in talent recruiting, Rick and Collin will continue to assist equipment companies in building winning sales, marketing, operations, manufacturing, and leadership teams. And, when there is a need for a new senior executive, Rupp Performance Management stands ready to partner with key leadership to find the right solution for their organization.

“For companies that view their employees as their most valuable asset, a recruiting partner that helps to attract and hire the best talent while positioning the company as the best employment option available, is a partner that becomes critical to business growth” said Rick Rupp. “We are proud to be that partner in the equipment space.”