Are you considering looking for a new position at a different company? Perhaps you’re ready to further your progress down your chosen career path. You could be searching for greater responsibility, better pay, or a move geographically. Maybe you’re unsure what’s causing your wandering eye. It’s important to identify what we call your prime motivators before you begin your job search. Identifying what motivates you and what is most important to your career and your life is essential. This insight will allow you to make career decisions with confidence.

Before even applying to a different position, take some time to think about the things that motivate you in your career, and then go over these items with your spouse or other close family. Not only will they have valuable insight into your prime motivators, they are also likely to face changes in their own life if you accept a new position.

Use the suggestions below to spark this conversation and identify your prime motivators. Go over this list carefully to determine why you want to make a job change and what you’re willing to try to do:

    Is your current company culture a match for you?

    Company culture can have a big impact on your productivity and success. What kind of company culture do you need to succeed? Some people thrive in a casual and flexible environment. Others appreciate a more professional setting with a clear hierarchy and expectations. Why do you want a change from the current culture you are in? Your current workplace may not be aligned with your vision of success. Maybe you just don’t like the people you work with. Keep culture in mind when considering new job offers.

    Are you open to relocation?

    Sometimes the best opportunities aren’t where you live. Do some research to see if there are available positions with a possibility for advancement in your area. If not, determine where those jobs are. Discuss with your family if a move would benefit all of you and how far you’d be willing to move. This is one decision that must be made with everyone involved.

    What is most important to you? 

    This is a big one. Do you enjoy the right work/life balance at your current job? Are you achieving career growth? You may be looking for better pay, greater flexibility with your time, or more challenging responsibilities. When considering applying for a new position consider “What’s in this for me?” If you aren’t satisfied with the answer, that may not be the right position for you.

    Once you have the answers to these questions, you’ll have a better understanding of what you need in a new position. These answers, or prime motivators, can also help us narrow down the search for you. With a clear picture of what you need in a position and what you’d like your future career growth to look like, we can match you with a position that checks all the boxes. Learn more about how we can help you advance your career.